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Health and safetyThis is our number one concern.  All dogs must be flea free.  If we find they have fleas, we will give your dog a bath at an additional cost to you.  We also require you to supply us with proof of vaccines.  If your dog is coming in with a previous injury, please have your vet give us any information regarding the injury.  We want to make sure your dog has a positive and comfortable experience with us.   


Special dog and puppy precautions:  Sorry, we do not board puppies under four months old.  Puppies  this young do not have a strong enough immune system to fight off common bugs that an older dog could fight.  We require incoming boarders to have their vaccinations at least five days prior to boarding (some exceptions made).  We do accept dogs with head cones, stitches/staples, and in heat. 


Check-in:  When you call to set up a reservation, we will have you pick an available time for check-in.  This helps ensure a smooth check in process.  We will call and remind you of your check in time 24 hours in advance. 


Check-out:  Check-out should be done before 12pm.  Any check-out after this time will require an additional day's charge.  There is a three day minimum stay for all holidays.  If having shuttle service, please discuss the times you would like for pick-up and drop-off (there is an additional cost for this service). 


Pet pick-up and drop-off service:  This is available through us or a transportation service within 35 miles of the kennel.  The price is based on distance and is charged each way.  This is great for the person on the go!


Rates:  We give all new clients a 10% discount.  We also offer a double dog discount for dogs sharing a room.  Please call for pricing. 


Room sizes

   Extra small: Inside is 3'x6' and the outside is 3'x8'

   Small:  Inside is 3.5'x6' and the outside is 3.5'x8'

   Medium:  Inside is 4'x6' and the outside is 4'x8'

   Large:  Inside is 5'x6' and the outside is 5'x8'

   Extra large:  Inside is 6'x6' and the outside is 6'x8'


We do offer a small inside only room for dogs that are 

1lb - 9.9lbs.  They are housed in a cozy room with plenty of soft bedding.  It is 2.5'x3'.  Included in the price are extra playtimes/pottybreaks.  Some small dogs feel more secure in these rooms




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